Marking Machine
Each type of Micrometer Caliper can be fitted with specialized anvils and spindle tips for particular measuring tasks. For example, the anvil may be shaped in the form of a segment of screw thread, in the form of a v-block, or in the form of a large disc.

Blade Micrometers

Spline Micrometers

Point Micrometers

Tube Micrometers

Rotating Disc Micrometers

Disc Micrometers Non Rotating

Internal Micrometers

Precision Thread Gauges Suppliers

Automatic Etching Machines

THREAD PLUG GAUGES : 0.5 mm to 350 mm
TAPER THREAD PLUG GAUGES : 1/6" to 10" (Taper 1 :16)
THREAD RING GAUGES : 0.5 mm to 300 mm
TAPER THREAD RING GAUGES : 1/6" to 8" (Taper 1 :16)

Miniature Thread Gauges

Plain Gauges

Precision Vernier Caliper Suppliers

Engraving Machine

Plunger Type Dial Gauges

Lever Type Of Dial Gauges

Back Plunger Type Dial Gauges

Precision Vernier Caliper Suppliers

• Digital Height Gauge Measuring and Transfering of Heights.
• Digital Height Gauge Scribing and Marking of work Pieces.
• Digital Height Gauges Measuring heights, parallelism, run out, comparing center distance etc. by using a lever Type Dial gauge.